• 3D Virtual Prototyping

    Our design team utilizes 3D fashion design software program to create virtual, true-to life garment visualization with cutting-edge simulation technologies for our clients. With the eco-friendly digital workflows and holistic solution approach, we are able to achieve time-to-market, on-demand manufacturing, and cost efficiency. Save plenty of sample production time. Showcase true-to-life virtual samples.


    Artificial Intelligence for Design of Fabric Pattern

    Under the assistance of A.I.,our design team is able to develope new textile in the highest efficient way, and make sure our designs are 100% original.


    We pay attention on the copyright issue of each bulk fabric before the production.



    Our team consists of a mix of local and international professional designers from ESMOD, FIT, Parsons, China Academy of Art and ZSTU,

    garment technicians and quality team members with extensive experience in the garment tailoring field.


    They have created plenty of best-seller styles for our clients and obtained continuous repeat orders.

    Fashion Institute of Technology

    ESMOD Paris

    Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

    China Academy of Art